PRD Template
building template
Published: 2022-08-11
Author: Hrishikesh Barman
Audience: Everyone in the company
Date: 6th August, 2022

PRD(Product Requirement Document) is a document that is written in business point of view. It should describe what needs to be built. It is important because it is a single source of information and expectations, which prevents misunderstandings between project managers, developers, designers, and testers.

Goals and Business objective

Define the most important goals in a short point form.

Not doing

List the things which you aren’t doing now but plan on doing soon.

Background and strategic fit

How do your actions affect product development and align with the company’s goals

Assumptions and Dependencies

Create a list of technical or business assumptions that the team might have.

User Stories/ Use cases

The user story is a short description of customer actions and results they want to achieve. The UX flow can be useful here. This should also include intended audience.

System Features and Requirements

  • Functional Requirements
  • Non-functional Requirements (Performance, Safety, Privacy, Quality etc.)
  • External Interface Requirements


A good practice is to record all these questions and track them.