Product Launch Checklist
Published: 2022-08-13

WARNING: all this is for self-reference and not really intended for public reading but publishing it anyway.

Ignore issues like scalability, internationalization, and heavy-duty security etc. The primary function of software in a startup [is] to be a vehicle for experimenting with its own design - PG


  • Avoid busywork.
  • Scaling is less than worthless if what you’re scaling is worthless. Initial market research is important.
  • What’s the first thing any startup should do? “Build an MVP” is the mental image that comes to mind, but “Get One User” is a better answer.


  • pre-traction: Both pre-build and pre-launch fall under pre-traction
    • pre-build: Max agility, 0 operational overhead.
    • pre-launch: Things are WIP, main product is not launched.
  • closed-alpha: Initial rollout happened, testing with a closed set of users.
  • open-beta: Second rollout happened, testing with sleeted set of unknown users.
  • general-availability: Product launched, available for everyone to use.


Phase Task Description Priority
pre-build Formalization & Idea feedback Describe the idea in max 2 pages and get feedback from possible users. HIGH
pre-build Market Validation Market sizing, competitive analysis etc. HIGH
pre-launch Branding Brand messaging, Brand imagery etc. MID
pre-launch Roadmap based on process/features Do not roadmap based on time, prioritize processes and features LOW
pre-launch Write PRD and Tech Architecture Doc These documents form the basis of development MID
pre-launch UX tasks UX flow, User persona etc. HIGH
pre-launch Lean MVP(minimum viable product process) Give value to one user. Follow the value. go for manual if required. HIGH
pre-launch Working Demo w key USP (hacked script) A basic automated/un-scalable way to solve the problem which also demonstrates the USP HIGH
pre-launch Product Validation Build some kind of landing page and see if you can get users to commit. HIGH
pre-launch Actually build Following the MVP, build the product with quick feedback loops HIGH
closed-alpha Testing the process Smoke testing, Regression testing the process LOW
open-beta go-to-market strategy Combination of (Market+Product+Growth) Strategy, monetization strategy etc. MID
open-beta Security test This can be deferred to GA but if you’re building a security product, do it before. LOW
open-beta Backup&Recovery test Make sure recovery is working. MID
open-beta Observability setup web tracking, application metrics/trace/logs, infra metrics, business metrics, process(dev/design) metrics, expenses report, error reports MID
open-beta Basic SEO Optimization Make sure it’s visible out there MID
open-beta Load/Performance test See if product is able to handle expected load. What happens if exceeded? MID
open-beta External Vendor(AWS/Google) Quota check External vendor have quotas, we are using the correct offering and configs etc. HIGH
open-beta Internal Wiki Internal wiki for all things relevant should be in place. LOW
GA Internationalization Translation LOW
GA Legal paperwork We live in a society LOW